In a world where cloud computing is becoming the norm, the importance of offline backups is being forgotten.

Even the concept of “Backups” is being lost on the new generations of users that have never had to worry about “Disk failures” or “Server outages”.  The Cloud has become an infallible, invincible storage solution that will never go wrong.

While failures are rare and total failures unlikely, recent outages on Twitter, Office 365 and other bastions of the Cloud Ecosystem prove that it pays not to put all your eggs in one basket.

Recent guidance published by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) shows that offline backups are as important as ever and there are other reasons for keeping offline backups, beyond simple systems failures.

Posts on their blog back this up further, offering advice on protecting against ransomware and cyberattacks as well as simple human error.

One of the main goals of RainyDay Backup is to help you protect your important business assets stored on Azure DevOp such as your code, your work schedules and the packages that you output. 

We are adding new features all the time and to be able to secure more aspect of your business critical data.

RainyDay Backup allows you to download and store your Code, Work Items and packages on your own computers, in your own offices, inside your own walls.  You can even backup that data using standard backup process and tools.

Please read more about the features and capabilities of Rainy Day Backup on the main product page.