A Complete Azure DevOps Backup System

RainyDay Backup offers an easily configurable system that enables you to back up your source code, Work Items and NuGet artifacts.

RainyDay Backup captures regular snapshots of your Azure DevOps system (Cloud or On-Premises), providing you with the peace of mind that your source code and valuable work are securely backed up.

RainyDay Backup helps protect valuable software development from accidental deletion, overwriting, archiving, roll-back and hacking threats. RainyDay Backup helps you to implement a secure backup and disaster recovery strategy.

We are offering this beta release at half-price for a limited time only, see the full feature-list and pricing options below.


Scheduled backups for peace of mind

RainyDay Backup allows you to schedule hourly, daily, weekly or monthly backups for all of your organisations.

RainyDay Backup enables you to backup Git repositories (including branches), Work Items and NuGet packages.

Browse the Backup log to see exact details of the backups and drill in to see the detail of what was backed up.

Wiki and pipeline backups are in preview.


Supports Cloud Service and On-Premise

Works with Azure DevOps Service in the Cloud or Azure DevOps Server 2019 (and above) on your own servers

Supports multiple organisations

Add multiple organisations or collections (On-Premises)

Configurable backup schedules

Schedule backups hourly, daily, weekly and monthly at different times of the day

Backup Git repositories and Work items

Download snapshots of your source code including any branches and your current workload

Fully integrated system

A single application enables backups of your code, work load and outputs

Backup NuGet feeds

Download NuGet backups for posterity and to avoid storage issues and retention policies

Cherry pick what to backup

Besides backing up everything, you can selectively choose what to include in a backup

Unlimited storage

Using your own storage means that you can backup as much and as frequently as you like

System notifications

Receive email notifications to let you know of any issues that have been identified with your backups

Visual Backup Log

View the Backup Log to see what has been backed up and when

Pricing Options

Subscription Single Payment
One Organisation Free

Your first Organisation is free and can include upto 5 projects and 1 repository
Go to our downloads page to download your free copy of RainyDay Backup

* The price of the monthly subscription will be held until April 2022 and you can cancel at any time during this period

System Requirements

Windows 10 / Server 2016 or above

64-bit processor

2GB of Ram

Microsoft SQL Server 2014 or above (any Edition)