Copidal have released new updates for the Version Changer extension for Visual Studio.

Version Changer is a Visual Studio extension that makes it simple to change the version numbers of all projects in a solution. It will detect what type of project it is and update it accordingly, using AssemeblyInfo in old csproj projects for example but <version> in new style csproj projects.

It can also update Xamarin.Android, Xamarin.iOS projects.

Version changer can update the following values:

  • Version (AssemblyVersion)
  • File Version (AsemblyFileVersion)
  • InformationalVersion (AssemblyInformationalVersion)
  • PackageVersion
  • Click once version
  • Android manifest versions
  • iOS and Mac info.plist versions

It will work with at least the following project types

  • Full .Net projects (C# and VB.Net) Class library, Web, WPF, UWP etc
  • Xamarin.Forms projects
  • .Net Core and .NET 5.x+
  • .Net standard
  • PCL

New Features
The changes below are the same for both versions.

  • Fixed binding issues with the File Version when using separate version numbers
  • Updates to the loading of projects so that the window is shown immediately, and the loading progress can be seen
  • Fixed layout of the IOS and Android version fields
  • Fixed layout of the IOS and Android version fields

There are two versions available on the Visual Studio Marketplace.

The version for Visual Studio 2017/2019 is available here
The version for Visual Studio 2022 is available here

Please note that this project is Open Source and you can contribute here